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MCORE Project 4 In Full Swing March 26, with Important Changes to Your Route

Project 4 of the MCORE project officially launched March 4, and brings with it changes to the way students, faculty, staff, and visitors navigate key corridors of the University of Illinois campus this construction season.

New MCORE reroutes for Phase 1 of MCORE Project 4 begin Tuesday, March 26, when Wright Street will be closed to southbound traffic between Green and Chalmers; this stage is expected to last approximately three months. Northbound traffic will be maintained throughout this stage.

Several MTD routes will be impacted, throughout weekdays and weekends. Impacted routes are the 1/100S Yellow, 4W Blue, 5W Green Weekday Daytime trips with the “J” Footnote (to Sixth & Pennsylvania), 9A Brown, 13/130S Silver, 130S Silver Limited, 22/220S Illini, and the 22/220 Illini Limited.

While existing Designated Stops will be used along the reroutes, new Designated Stops include Fourth & Daniel (NW Corners), and Fourth & John (NW Corner).

Detailed reroute announcements are posted on our Reroute page, and complete maps are posted on our MCORE Project 4 Phase 1 Reroutes page.

The best way to receive information about reroutes that impact your travel is to create an account at, and sign up for customized Reroute Alerts that can be sent directly to your email and mobile device. Please also keep an eye out for updates posted on Facebook and Twitter.

MCORE Project 4 will provide reconstruction of the existing pavement, sidewalks, and pavement markings, and replacement of storm and sanitary sewers. The roadway will be reconstructed to safely accommodate all users—pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, buses, and cars. The full project corridor includes Armory Avenue (between Fourth Street and Wright Street), Wright Street (between Armory Avenue and Springfield Avenue), Chalmers Street (between Sixth Street and Wright Street), and Sixth Street (between Armory Avenue and Chalmers Street). A major focus of the project is to provide safe and adequate transportation access during construction for the many everyday users and visitors of this corridor.

Wright Street is the heart and soul of the campus transportation system. This lively corridor not only stands as the dividing line between the cities of Champaign and Urbana, but serves as the western edge of the University of Illinois Quad.  This corridor includes the busiest intersection within the entire MCORE project: Green Street and Wright Street. Allowing for safe and efficient travel for all modes of transportation is absolutely essential.

There are currently ten MTD bus stops within this corridor. The most active MTD bus stop in this corridor, known as Transit Plaza, is centrally located outside of the Illini Union Bookstore and adjacent to the Quad. This highly utilized bus stop is currently served by seven weekday daytime MTD bus routes, three of which run at 10-minute frequency during the University of Illinois Fall and Spring semesters. Pedestrian and bicycle counts are especially high in this area as well, with notable congestion at key times on weekdays when University classes tend to begin.

The MCORE project looks closely at how best to manage the large number of pedestrians and bicyclists that utilize this corridor as well as the high frequency of public transportation services. The project brings the streets to a state of good repair and improves mobility choices throughout the corridor.