MTD Announces Increased Frequency of Service to Orchard Downs, Vet Med | September 15

On August 17, MTD announced the possibility that we would be required to implement daily service reductions in response to a shortage of qualified Operators. This shortage of trained personnel has been exacerbated by the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had an additional impact to our staffing levels.

This is an impact felt by organizations and businesses throughout our community, state, and nation. We appreciate those passengers who have taken the time to share with us their concerns, and to detail how these service reductions have affected their ability to navigate the community. We apologize for the reductions to service that passengers have come to expect and rely on.

Over the last four weeks of these daily service reductions, it has come to our attention that the frequencies with which the areas of Orchard Downs and Vet Med have been served by the 12 Teal Daytime and 130 Silver Evening & Late Night have been affected more severely than intended.

As a result, we have made modifications to the 12 Teal and 130 Silver trips that have remained in service so that these areas will be served more frequently and efficiently by those vehicles that are already on the street. While MTD still finds itself in a time of crisis, the frequency of service to Orchard Downs and Vet Med will be increased effective Wednesday, September 15.

A side effect of making these ad hoc  service changes means that the schedules published for the 12 Teal Daytime and 130 Silver Evening & Late Night routes in our 2021 -2022 Maps & Schedules book, and in some of our shelters, will be inaccurate. These changes are being made to provide more consistent, reliable service to these areas, and we regret any confusion this may cause. Our updated route schedules reflecting these changes are available on our digital tools, like our Trip Planner, and real-time departure information.

We ask that our passengers please sign up for personalized service alerts at to get updates in real-time. You can also follow us on social media (@rideMTD) or call 217.384.8188 for the latest information.

MTD is committed to maintaining transit access, frequent service, and mobility opportunities for our passengers. We will continue to work with our Operations team to be responsive and adaptive so we can deliver the safest and healthiest service possible.