MTD Announces Prospective Day-to-Day Service Cuts due to Operator Shortage | August 17, 2021

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District would like the public to be prepared for the possibility of day-to-day service cuts this fall due to a shortage of qualified Operators. These trip cancellations will result in decreased frequency on the affected routes. No MTD route will be pulled from service altogether, only route frequencies will be affected.

On days when personnel are not available, select trips will be cancelled and announced on MTD’s Reroutes page at The best way passengers can receive information about trip cancellations that impact their travel is to create an account at, and sign up for customized Reroute Alerts that can be sent directly to an email address and/or mobile device. In this way, customers who are signed up to receive these alerts for their chosen routes will be personally notified when these trip cancellations are in effect.

MTD has identified trips on the 1/100 Yellow and 1 Yellow Hopper, 2/20 Red, 5/50 Green and 5/50 Green Hopper, 10 Gold and 10 Gold Hopper, 12/120 Teal, 13/130 Silver, 16 Pink, 22/220 Illini, 24 Link, and 180 Lime routes with the potential to be suspended first. Trip cancellations will be announced one day in advance.

MTD values our customers and recognizes the impact this may have on your day-to-day transportation. We also value our employees and want to insure they are qualified, competent, and able to operate safely. MTD does not take this action lightly, and will continue to seek ways to resolve this shortage of personnel. We regret that changing circumstances have led to this service impact. Customers can call us at 217.384.8188 to get the most up to date information about these service suspensions.

MTD is committed to maintaining transit access, frequent service, and mobility opportunities for our passengers. We will continue to work with our Operations team to be responsive and adaptive so we can deliver the safest and healthiest service possible. MTD encourages the community to view our Operator job posting at