MTD Continues Operating, Reduces Service

MTD will continue to operate our reduced, non-University of Illinois service beginning Sunday, March 22, until further notice. Please review this article for a complete list of service reductions.

The Champaign-Urbana Public Health District has asked MTD to remain open for those who may have a critical need for transportation to community services, and for customers who work in essential jobs. MTD is continuing to offer free rides to eliminate the need for our passengers and Operators to exchange cash, coin, or transfers, and to encourage social distancing by preventing crowding at the fare box.

The University of Illinois has closed campus for the remainder of the Spring Semester and has cancelled Commencement. Students who lived in University Housing have moved out of their dorms. These circumstances, along with others, are justifying our continuation of reduced service.

To protect our passengers and Operators, MTD is positioning backup vehicles throughout our community to maintain social distancing on fixed-route buses. We are also assessing vehicle assignments on particular routes to ensure capacity and social distancing opportunities are maximized.

MTD will add an additional vehicle to SafeRides to promote social distancing. SafeRides will continue to operate reduced hours - beginning at 7:00 pm, and taking final trip requests at 12:00 am.

The State has mandated the closures of local school districts through the end of the school year. MTD's scheduled diversions to provide transportation to middle and high school students will not operate as long as schools are closed.

MTD continues to coordinate with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District and the Champaign County Emergency Management Agency, as well as other valued community partners, municipalities, and public officials to respond to these quickly-changing times.

Please help us give thanks to our employees across departments who are working on their days off, cancelling vacations, and continuing to serve the community we all live in and value.

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