Temporary Rear Door Boarding on MTD Buses

Autumn Soliman

To provide continued social distancing protections to our passengers and Operators, MTD’s temporary implementation of rear door boarding remains in place.

Passengers are directed to enter and exit the vehicle via the rear doors until further notice. Those using mobility devices, who have mobility or vision impairments, are boarding with strollers, or have small children should continue using the front door. Operators will lower the bus and deploy the ramp as needed for those front-boarding passengers. 

For some, public transportation is their only access to basic needs. We are proud to serve and will remain vigilant in our COVID-19 response. We ask the community to do their part by limiting travel to essential needs, keeping a safe distance when you do need to go out, and of course, washing hands, wearing a mask, getting the vaccine when it is available, and staying home when sick.

To stay up to date with MTD’s COVID-19 related announcements, please visit mtd.org/covid19 and follow us on social media @rideMTD.