As a public entity, MTD as a whole works diligently to meet the high standards the residents of our District expect and deserve. This is why your questions and comments are so important to us, and why each one is catalogued and shared with the departments and teams involved. Our expectation and practice is that every team member at MTD uses input from our community to continuously improve. Do you have a concern or compliment to share with us, or a question you need answered? Please use the contact information below to let us know how we can help, what we can do better, or what we're already doing well.

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General Contacts

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District
1101 E. University Ave.
Urbana, IL 61802
Media Inquiries

Amy Snyder, Chief of Staff
217.384.8188 x388

Senior MTD Staff Contacts

Karl Gnadt

Managing Director

Photo of Karl Gnadt
Contact for
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • General Management/Supervision of the Affairs of MTD
  • Information Technology

Amy Snyder

Chief of Staff

Photo of Amy Snyder
Contact for
  • MTD Management
  • General Inquiries
  • Community Relations

Korbin Figg

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Korbin Figg
Contact for
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Facilities

Drew Bargmann

Customer Service Director

Photo of Drew Bargmann
Contact for
  • Call Center Management
  • Customer Experience
  • MTD2071: ISO 9001 Certification
  • Title VI

Eric Broga

Maintenance Director

Photo of Eric Broga
Contact for
  • Vehicles

Jacinda Crawmer

Human Resources Director

Photo of Jacinda Crawmer
Contact for
  • Hiring and Recruitment
  • Primary Hiring of MTD Operators
  • Employee Services
  • EEO Officer

Josh Dhom

Illinois Terminal Director

Photo of Josh Dhom
Contact for
  • Illinois Terminal Operations and Management
  • CityView Event and Meeting Center

Kirk Kirkland

Facilities Director

Photo of Kirk Kirkland
Contact for
  • Building & Grounds Maintenance
  • Construction Management
  • Bus Stops & Shelters

Jay Rank

Operations Director

Photo of Jay Rank
Contact for
  • Service Development
  • Fixed-Route Service
  • ADA Paratransit Service
  • Safe Rides

Jane Sullivan

Grants and Governmental Affairs Director

Photo of Jane Sullivan
Contact for
  • Grant Management
  • Bids and RFPs
  • Government Affairs

Michelle Wright

Finance Director

Photo of Michelle Wright
Contact for
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Employee Services