Download any of MTD's system maps, a map of the entire District, or a full copy of the 2019-20 Maps & Schedules book below. Looking for maps to plan a school trip? Find them here.

Maps & Schedules Book

2019 - 2020 Service Year

Preview of 2019 - 2020 Service Year

Save some trees. Download a PDF copy of the complete 2019-2020 Maps & Schedules book here.

System Maps

Weekday - Daytime

Preview of Weekday - Daytime

System Maps

Weekday - Evening

Preview of Weekday - Evening

System Maps

Saturday - Daytime

Preview of Saturday - Daytime

System Maps

Saturday - Night

Preview of Saturday - Night

System Maps

Sunday - Daytime

Preview of Sunday - Daytime

System Maps

Sunday - Night

Preview of Sunday - Night


District Boundaries

Preview of District Boundaries

MTD provides safe, reliable transportation to Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, & on the Illinois campus. We take pride in partnering throughout the District on mobility, accessibility, environmental, & community initiatives. This map shows MTD's current District boundaries.