Community Engagement

I love MTD, is there a way I can support your mission?

Thanks so much for the bus love! We welcome community involvement. You might consider supporting the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois' Bus Passes for Social Services program, participating in MTD's Adopt-a-Shelter program, or applying to serve on MTD's Board of Trustees.

Have another idea to partner together? Reach out and let us know.

What is involved in adopting a bus shelter and how much of a time commitment is it?

Help us help the District thrive! MTD's Adopt-a-Shelter Program covers approximately 100 bus shelters in Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy, and on the University of Illinois campus. Anyone with an interest is invited to apply; those interested may include individuals, businesses, community groups, and student associations. Everyone is welcome to send in an application. Adopters will be acknowledged in our promotions and with a sticker affixed to the shelter.

Adopters will be given a (one time) Monthly Pass and cleaning supplies such as a broom and dustpan, squeegee and spray bottle, and trash bags. It is asked that the adopter clean his/her shelter at least once each month during the one-year term. Responsibilities include cleaning the shelter windows, picking/sweeping up litter, and ensuring that up-to-date information is posted at the shelter. It is asked that MTD is immediately notified of any damage, vandalism, or unsafe condition so that we may quickly rectify such problems. The time commitment varies, but we ask that Adopters make time to regularly check on the shelter.

MTD has a dedicated Maintenance team that routinely cares for our bus shelters. There’s nothing better, however, than having someone keep an eye on things who is frequently at the shelter. The adopter can readily note day-to-day changes and problems that may arise. It’s extremely important that the waiting environment be safe and tidy for our customers and your neighbors. Contact us at today!

We're having a campus/community/employee meeting or event. Will MTD attend or speak?

Thanks for asking! The answer is probably yes. Our "Commit to Yes" philosophy means that we accept as many invitations each year as we can to talk about mobility in the District and/or distribute materials and explain MTD's service. Contact us at with the details of your event: organization name, event, date, and number of people expected.

What sorts of events does MTD sponsor and how can my group request sponsorship?

MTD sponsors hundreds of various community and campus events each year with in-kind donations of advertising and other various means of support. Email us at to let us know more about your event and to request sponsorship. Thanks for your efforts to help residents of Champaign-Urbana-Savoy and the University of Illinois campus thrive.

How can my school request an MTD visit? What age students will you accomodate?

We love to visit with our younger community members to talk about MTD. As a transportation provider for middle and high school students in Unit 4 and District 116, MTD attends every middle and high school registration and offers in-school riding training sessions to 5th graders prior to them entering middle school. We also fulfill requests year-round for school visits for all ages that range from evacuation training to teaching basic bus safety & information. Contact us at so we can find a time that works.

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