Want to get your message out in our community? Advertising on MTD buses and vans is a great way to reach thousands of people every day! We offer a variety of ad spaces in different shapes and sizes on MTD’s fleet, as well as on digital kiosks at major bus shelters and inside our annual Maps & Schedules Book. We also offer advertising space on our paratransit and demand-response vans in addition to our fixed-route buses. Whatever your marketing goals may be, we can help!

Market Overview

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) provides fixed-route, on-demand, and ADA Paratransit bus and van service to the cities of Champaign, Urbana, Savoy, and the University of Illinois campus.

MTD’s 114 bus fleet provided nearly 12 million passenger rides across over 25 fixed-routes in 2019, providing the opportunity for advertisers to speak directly to consumers on a daily basis where no other outdoor advertising exists.

Fast Transit Facts:

  • 71% of riders are employed
  • 79% of riders are aged 25-54, the most economically active years
  • 9% of the local workforce uses public transportation

Available Ad Space

Fixed-Route 40’ and 60’ buses

Image demonstrating where ads are placed on fixed-route buses.
Image demonstrating the placement of bus advertising on 40' and 60' buses. From top left to bottom right: King Panel - Driver Side, Queen Panel - Passenger Side, Tail Panel, Back Wrap, Articulated Bus - Side Panel, Interior Cards

ADA Paratransit Vans

Image demonstrating where ads are placed on paratransit vans.
Image demonstrating the placement of bus advertising on paratransit vans. From top left to bottom right: Driver Side - Half Wrap, Driver Side - King Panel, Passenger Side - Queen Panel, Back Wrap.

Additional Opportunities

  • Digital Space on more than 30 passenger information kiosks all over town
  • Placement in MTD’s annual Maps & Schedules Book


MTD Staff are on hand to take care of all your advertising needs. Please reach out to Sheana Bryant for information on rates and availability.