Public Hearing

Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, MTD will hold a virtual public hearing for fall service changes.

Route changes for 2020/2021 Service Year.

MTD staff will take public comment for one week, from May 20, 2020 at 12:00 PM until May 27, 2020 at 12:00 PM. Staff will respond to all comments received in a timely manner and a synopsis of these comments and responses will be posted to this page.

Comments can be submitted in four ways:

Public Comments

I don’t know what a Far Side bus stop is. Where is the Sixth & Armory South West Far Side bus stop?

Far Side bus stops are located immediately after an intersection, allowing buses to pass through an intersection before stopping for passenger loading and unloading. In the new service year, bus routes that travel south on Sixth St. through the intersection with Armory will stop on the Far Side of the Sixth & Armory intersection, by the Band Building. This affects the 4W Blue, the 9A Brown, and the 13S Silver. Buses will no longer stop at the NW Corner of Sixth & Armory, and again at the NW Corner of Sixth & Gregory; buses will only stop once at this Far Side stop.

Thank you for putting this online! Please consider doing this every year.

COVID-19 social distancing restrictions have made it necessary for MTD, and other community resources, to find alternative ways to disseminate important information. We're glad to hear that our Virtual Public Hearing was successfully able to provide information on proposed service changes that are important to our passengers. Our Planning and Technology Services teams will keep this feedback in mind as we prepare public information for our 2021-2022 Service Year.

Thank you for the proposed iStop changes. I think this will help passengers boarding at the Illini Union, especially.

The District is excited to introduce new iStops, and to implement the additional route eligibility described in our Service Year summary. We’re looking forward to the simplification and improved access and efficiency this service change will provide.

I don't mind the changes at Sixth & Armory, but how can I get to the South Quad if the 1S Yellow won't serve Sixth & Gregory?

The District worked closely with the University, the cities of Urbana and Champaign, and MCORE engineers on the design of the new Armory MCORE corridor in light of operational and safety concerns posed by infrastructure at Sixth & Gregory.

For passengers who frequent areas like the South Quad or Lot E-14, for example, alternatives at Sixth & Gregory do remain in the form of trips on board the 9A Brown and the 10W Gold. Other routes that will continue to serve Sixth & Gregory include the 4E Blue, the 13S Silver, and the 21 Raven.

Passengers can call us at 217.384.8188 any time to get help planning a trip. We look forward to introducing our passengers to all of the great MCORE infrastructure and bus stop improvements that have been made upon their return to campus.

Synopsis of Changes

One of the more exciting changes proposed for Fall 2020 is the addition of new iStops and route eligibility within the University District. iStops are special designated stops located on and near campus, as well as at ONE Illinois North, ONE Illinois South, Capstone Quarters, and Campus Circle. At iStops, to expedite boarding, it is unnecessary for anyone to pay a fare or show any sort of a pass or ID. At the start of MTD’s new service year, all routes at designated iStops will be eligible for this enhanced boarding procedure. Additional iStops will also be added along White Street and at Research Park. This simplified and expanded approach to iStops will eliminate confusion surrounding route eligibility, and improve access and efficiency at busy campus stops.

There will be a change to the 1/100 Yellow and 2/20 Red routing at Market Place Mall. Instead of using Market Place Outer Drive, the route will change to operate Anthony to Neil to Marketview to Market. As a result, the designated stops along Market Place Outer Drive will be eliminated.

The 1/100S Yellow routing on campus will also change slightly at Sixth & Gregory. At the start of the new service year, southbound routing will change to Sixth to Armory to Fourth to Gregory, from Sixth to Gregory to First. The northbound route will operate in reverse – First to Gregory to Fourth to Armory to Sixth. These changes are being made to utilize all of the great infrastructure and bus stop improvements that have been made along the Armory MCORE corridor, and to improve operational and safety issues. For example, the turn at Sixth & Gregory has historically been a difficult one. The new turn that will be executed from Sixth to Armory was redesigned with MTD in mind.

The 2C Red currently scheduled to depart Lincoln Square at 8:38AM will be changed to an 8:40AM departure.

Two Timepoints for the 50W Green Weekday Evening and 50W Green Saturday Evening service in Urbana will be modified. The Timepoint at Windsor & Vine will be one minute later, and the Timepoint at Urbana Meijer will be two minutes later. These changes are being made to prevent an unintended layover along Philo Road.

There are about six to ten Timepoints assigned to each route. These are the columns that structure the route schedule. Operators cannot leave timepoints early. They must wait until the exact minute before they can depart a stop, allowing you to estimate your departure and arrival times.

On Weekday Evenings, the Timepoint at Windsor & Vine will change from :01 and :31 to :02 and :32, beginning at 7:02PM. The Timepoint at Urbana Meijer will change from :05 and :35 to :07 and :37, beginning at 7:07PM. Similarly, for 50W Green Saturday service, the Timepoint at Windsor & Vine will be one minute later beginning at 6:33PM, and the Timepoint at Urbana Meijer will be two minutes later, beginning at 6:37PM.

Two trips on the 70E Grey Evening and Saturday will be extended. The 70E Grey trips that currently end at Lincoln Square on weekday evenings at 11:07PM and 11:29PM will be extended, and will instead end at Main & Brady at 11:18PM and 11:40PM, respectively. Similarly, the 70E Grey Saturday trips that currently end at Lincoln Square on Saturday evenings at 10:58PM and 11:33PM will also be extended to end at Main & Brady, at 11:09PM and 11:44PM, respectively. The extension of these evenings trips affords more SE Urbana passengers the ability to return to their homes later at night, after, say, ending a second-shift job, or running late-night errands.

Two footnotes, explaining two different diversions – one for the 10W Gold and one for the 10E Gold route – will be removed in the new service year. The 10E/W Gold will no longer deviate from its regular routing. The W footnote/diversion will be removed from the 10W Gold trip scheduled to depart Lincoln Square at 6:35AM. The T footnote/diversion will be removed from the 10E Gold trip that is currently scheduled to depart Mattis & Broadmoor at 6:25AM. The new departure time at Mattis & Broadmoor will be 6:32AM.

The J footnote will be removed from the 13S Silver. Currently, the 13N Silver due to depart Lincoln Square at 5:20PM continued as a 2U Red at the Illini Union. With the new service year, this 13N Silver trip will end at Lincoln Square at 5:20PM, and will not continue as a 13S Silver.

Finally, some stops in Campustown are being moved and/or consolidated. The current stops at Sixth & Armory (NW Corner) and Sixth & Gregory (NW Corner) will be consolidated to Sixth & Armory (SW Far Side) and Fifth & Armory (NW Far Side).

The stop at Fourth & Armory (SE Corner) will be changed to Fifth & Armory (SW Corner).

The stops on North Goodwin for the 22/220 Illini will be consolidated, and the stop at Goodwin & Clark (SE Corner) will be eliminated.