Planning A Trip

I need help planning a trip on MTD. What are my options?

The best way to plan an MTD trip is to use on mobile or web. You have several other options:

  • Plan it yourself using our Maps & Schedules Book.
  • Use any number of third-party apps.
  • Give us a call at 217.384.8188 for assistance.

Looking to plan a school trip? We have a special school trip planner just for you.

Can you show me how to plan a trip on

No problem. Please watch the video below to see how easy & flexible the Trip Planner tool is on Just type the beginning of any place, bus stop, or address into the white bar under "Get to what matters," and choose your destination from the choices in the lists below. Choose "Travel from here" or "Travel to here," enter your destination/origin, and click "Plan your trip." Voila! And if you need to modify that trip, or switch directions, it's simple and can be done right on the results page.

This video demonstrates the use of's trip planner.

I was a MyRide subscriber. Where's that feature on

With the launch of, MTD offers an account option instead of a MyRide subscription. MyRide subscriptions no longer exist and will not function after August 11, 2018. New accounts and former MyRide subscribers will need to do the following to receive alerts for reroutes, as well as to set favorite bus stops:

  • Log-in to (button is on the top, right corner of home page);

  • Please note that you must first log-in to a Gmail account (if you do not have a Gmail account, you can create one for free);

  • After logging in to your Gmail account & allowing Gmail to log-in to, you may set a secondary email (Gmail or other) at which to receive your notifications, and/or choose to receive them by text message to your mobile device;

  • Now, please choose the routes for which you would like to receive reroute notifications under "Alerts," and add bus stops to your favorites by clicking on the star to the left of the bus stop name at the top of any bus stop information page.

It's as easy as that. If you have any questions about creating your MTD account & receiving reroute alerts via email or text message, or setting favorite bus stops, please call us at 217.384.8188.

A video demonstrating how to sign up for an account and how to create a favorite stop on

Does MTD offer a smartphone app?

The best way to plan MTD trips on your mobile is to install on your home screen. It takes just seconds and offers you robust, real-time information at your fingertips. If you prefer an app, there are plenty of third-party options.

Where are my favorite stops on

When you first begin using, please log-in. This will allow you to set preferences for alerts and to favorite bus stops for later use. The video below shows how simple it is to set bus stop favorites on After log-in, simply maneuver to any bus stop departure information page and click the star to the left of the bus stop name at the top of the page. That's all it takes to add a bus stop to your favorites list!

A video demonstrating how to use favorite stops on

Help me find the stops closest to my destination!

Simply begin typing in the name of a bus stop, place, or address into the white box under "Get to what matters" on the home page. Bus stops and Google Places will begin to auto populate in the lists below. Select your desired location and choose "Find stops nearby." All stops near your location will immediately be available in both a list and on a moveable, scalable Google map.

A video demonstrating how to find nearby stops on

I'm the parent of a middle or high school student. How do I figure out which bus my child takes to school?

Planning a school trip just got so much easier with Simply choose the destination from a list of Champaign or Urbana Middle or High Schools and type in a starting address. When you click "See your trips," our system will automatically factor in start and end times for the chosen school and map a door-to-door trip for you that includes walking instructions to the designated stop nearest to that address.

It takes seconds and is even easier than it sounds. Try our school trip planner today. Questions? Give us a call at 217.384.8188.

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