I was a MyRide subscriber. Where's that feature on mtd.org?

With the launch of mtd.org, MTD offers an account option instead of a MyRide subscription. MyRide subscriptions no longer exist and will not function after August 11, 2018. New accounts and former MyRide subscribers will need to do the following to receive alerts for reroutes, as well as to set favorite bus stops:

  • Log-in to mtd.org (button is on the top, right corner of home page);

  • Please note that you must first log-in to a Gmail account (if you do not have a Gmail account, you can create one for free);

  • After logging in to your Gmail account & allowing Gmail to log-in to mtd.org, you may set a secondary email (Gmail or other) at which to receive your notifications, and/or choose to receive them by text message to your mobile device;

  • Now, please choose the routes for which you would like to receive reroute notifications under "Alerts," and add bus stops to your favorites by clicking on the star to the left of the bus stop name at the top of any bus stop information page.

It's as easy as that. If you have any questions about creating your MTD account & receiving reroute alerts via email or text message, or setting favorite bus stops, please call us at 217.384.8188.

A video demonstrating how to sign up for an account and how to create a favorite stop on MTD.org.

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