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Help me find the stops closest to my destination!

Simply begin typing in the name of a bus stop, place, or address into the white box under "Get to what matters" on the home page. Bus stops and Google Places will begin to auto populate in the lists below. Select your desired location and choose "Find stops nearby." All stops near your location will immediately be available in both a list and on a moveable, scalable Google map.

How do I know which buses allow bikes?

Easy! Every MTD bus and van is equipped with a bike rack on the front of the vehicle.

Heading out? Grab an app.

Token Transit logo

Token Transit

Token Transit, Inc.

Ditch the dollar. Token Transit allows you to store fares and passes on your phone. And no more last minute trips to pick up the kids because they don't have bus fare or lost their school I.D. Token Transit allows you to send fares to family members' accounts from your desktop.

MTD Connect logo

MTD Connect


MTD Connect is an on-demand app that can be used to request rides on the West Connect van service that serves areas of west Champaign, or on MTD’s 335 SafeRides Connect service. Download the MTD Connect App for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and register yourself.

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