Sponsorship Application

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) is here to help our community thrive. We are committed to partnering on community initiatives while continuing to provide safe and reliable transportation options to Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy residents as well as University of Illinois students, faculty, and staff. Our advertising program is managed in-house by MTD Staff with a partnership with Deans Graphics, for advertisement printing.

If you are interested in MTD sponsoring your event or organization through an advertising trade, please read the information below and complete this application. MTD Staff will carefully consider all advertising sponsorship applications and provide a response as soon as possible. Please understand that sponsorship opportunities are limited and MTD reserves the right to approve or deny any sponsorship requests.

MTD is only able to sponsor organizations or events through trade agreements. For example, if MTD agrees to provide a $100 credit for advertising, the organization must offer an equivalent benefit to MTD such as identifying MTD as a sponsor and displaying MTD's logo on event programs, website, etc.


MTD offers sponsorship advertising on the following:

  1. Exterior and interior on our 40-foot fleet of 95 buses
  2. Interior advertising space on our 60-foot fleet of 19 buses
  3. Digital advertising space on our 30 passenger information kiosks located at bus stops throughout the community.
  4. Printed advertising space in our annual Maps & Schedules Book

Description of advertising space and rates can be found at mtd.org/inside/advertise/.

Please note the following restrictions:

  1. Sponsorship is only applicable to rental space value. Production, Installation and Removal fees must be paid in full and are not covered under sponsorship agreement.
  2. Exterior “tail” space is available for purchase but is not available for sponsorships.
  3. Exterior advertising space on our 60-foot bus fleet is available for purchase but is not available for sponsorship.
  4. All artwork must be provided and approved before production.  MTD is unable to provide graphic support.
  5. Interior ads may be collected after your campaign, but must be requested in advance.
  6. All sponsorships must also follow MTD’s advertising policies and Terms and Conditions.
  7. After artwork has been approved, contracts signed, and any fees paid, customers must allow the following production and installation times and plan accordingly:
    1. Standard Exteriors: 10-14 days
    2. Interiors: 7-10 days for production and installation
    3. Kiosks: 2 business days
    4. Premium exteriors (large format ads): 3-4 weeks, pending size and design