Terms and Conditions for Installation, Removal, and Materials

  1. On buses, advertising material may not be placed:
    1. On the front windows and front door.
    2. On the curbside first window after the entrance door and the driver’s streetside window, which is to be left clear of any vinyl.
    3. Over air/exhaust vents such that the air cannot pass through the material.
    4. Over bi-parting service doors, unless the material is cut to allow the opening of such doors.
    5. Over mechanical access panels, unless the material is cut to allow opening of such panels.
    6. Over emergency lights, door lights, fog lights or headlights.
    7. Over vehicle numbers, disability logos, and notices/safety signs. Those items may be recreated in contrasting colors for visibility and placed over the advertising artwork in the same location. The quantity and locations of the required stickers for individual vehicles must be verified by an MTD representative prior to design and installation of advertising materials as the fleet is not consistent for these notices and each vehicle model and type will vary.
    8. On front, side, and rear destination signs. They must always be clear and never covered with advertising.
    9. Over any portion of a vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle.
  2. On vans, advertising:
    1. Should not include full wraps.
    2. Partial wraps may cover the streetside and rear only.
    3. Partial wraps will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with consideration to ADA needs being priority.
    4. Should always retain MTD branding in the original location on all vans.
  3. Restricted elements may vary for different vehicle models, which should be considered with each individual design. Compliance must be verified with MTD prior to approval and installation.
  4. All vehicle numbers must always be visible in a high-contrasting color on all of their original placement spaces. The Client shall bear the cost of maintaining the vehicle number on the design.
  5. The designs for large format ads will be such that they minimize the amount of window space covered by the advertising message. An advertisement may cover no more than 50% of any window without prior approval. Perforated vinyl (50/50) must be utilized on all windows unless contour cutting is necessary, which must remain within the 50% coverage limit for the applied surface are.
  6. Perforated wrapped or direct application material placed on a window must have a clear film placed over the perforated material. Such clear film must be of the same manufacture of the underlying wrap or direct application material and comply with the manufacturer’s requirements. The Supplier of the wrap and direct application materials must meet all of the requirements of and be certified by the material manufacturer with regards to printing and installation in order to realize material manufacturer’s warranty.