I want to utilize fixed-route bus service but need some assistance, how can MTD help?

For customers who have never used public transportation, it can be intimidating to start. At MTD, we work to make sure our passengers have all the information they need to travel confidently.

Accessible Vehicles

All vehicles in MTD’s fleet (buses and vans) are equipped with a ramp or lift and wheelchair securements in our accessible seating areas. Our Operators are happy to kneel, or, lower the bus and deploy the ramp at your request. If you need help securing your mobility device once on board, please ask!

Prioritized Seating

Riders with disabilities and senior riders have seating priority on MTD’s fixed-route service. The seats at the front of the bus are prioritized for these riders.

Audio Announcements

All of our passenger information kiosks and fixed-route buses are equipped with annunciators to assist individuals who have visual impairments. Automated on-board announcements are made at major intersections and destination time points (the columns that make up our schedules), as well as major transfer points. Stop announcements can also be made by our Operators when requested by a passenger on board.

A system for externally audible announcements is currently being developed, and once active, will provide for additional, external announcements of bus route information when the doors open at stops served by more than one route.

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