Do you have basic safety tips for passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians?

Yes, safety is a top priority at MTD, but we need your help too because safety is everyone’s responsibility. There are a few simple things you can do to contribute to public safety when you’re on foot, cycling, and riding.


When you're on foot, don’t just bumble around like a drone -- be respectful of others on the road. Stay on the sidewalk whenever possible. Do not text and walk. If you’re walking at night, take a flashlight or reflector. Look left-right-left at intersections. Only cross at crosswalks. Cross the street after vehicles leave the intersection. Wear bright and reflective colors to keep yourself visible.

If you're biking, it’s sometimes easy to forget the rules of the road. With some basic cycling principles you can stay safe and keep others safe, too. Remember: the rules of the road apply to you too. Watch your blind spots. Pay attention for opening car doors. Make sure your bike lights and reflectors are on and working. It’s the law. Remember that one-way streets apply to cyclists.

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