What if I feel unsafe on a bus? What should I do?

Safety is MTD's number one priority and we have policies and procedures in place to ensure it. If you witness an unsafe action (or have another complaint) on an MTD vehicle or at any MTD property, you can report it via our feedback form or by calling 217.384.8188. All complaints are logged and investigated, and we use the resulting information to improve our service and identify retraining opportunities.

If another passenger is making you feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or afraid, please let your Operator know by moving to the front of the bus and speaking to them directly. Operators can reach out to our Control Center, call for an MTD Supervisor, gain assistance from other authorities, or otherwise assist you.

If you witness an emergency or are in need of immediate assistance and can not or do not feel comfortable letting your Operator know, call or text 9-1-1 and provide METCAD with as much information as possible. The 4-digit bus number for the vehicle you're traveling in can be found by looking at the center front of the bus, just above the Operator's windshield (if facing front).

Your safety and security are critical to us, and we need your help to know if there are areas in which we can improve. Providing as much information as possible when reporting an incident helps MTD's investigation process, including the bus route, direction of travel, date and time,

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