Ok, I’m ready to catch a bus with my bike—what do I do?

Be ready to load your bike as the bus approaches your designated stop. Remove water bottles, pumps, and any loose items that might fall off. Make sure you have the attention of the Operator before you step in front of the bus to load your bike on the rack. Follow these steps:

  • To access the folded bike rack, squeeze the chrome handle and slowly lower the rack, being careful not to let it drop.
  • Lift your bike onto the rack and fit the wheels into the slots. Each slot is labeled for the front and rear wheels. If no other bike is on the rack, please insert yours into the slot closest to the bus so that the next person can access the front slot.
  • Raise and release the wheel lock arm from its magnetized base and place it over the top of the front tire. A spring pulls the arm back, holding the bike securely. Make sure this arm is resting on the tire and not the frame.

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