How do I pay my fare?

Please have the exact fare, physical pass, or a validated pass on the Token Transit app ready when boarding. Operators can make change up to $5 prior to 7 p.m. but having the exact fare at all times will help keep your bus on time. If you need to transfer to another route to complete your trip, please ask for a free transfer slip when you pay your fare.

By using the Token Transit app, you can enjoy the convenience of a digital pass along with the benefits of fare capping. Fare capping rewards riders with a free upgrade to a Monthly or Annual pass after they pay the equivalent amount in other fares. This provides an equitable solution for those who cannot afford to purchase a pass up-front or may not know how often they will ride. Once you reach your monthly ($20) or annual ($60) cap, your pass will automatically be upgraded. For example, if you spend $20 in single-fares in one week, you will be upgraded to a monthly pass for the remainder of that calendar month. Fare capping only applies to purchases made within the Token Transit app.

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