What types of passes does MTD offer passengers?

In addition to our fare structure, MTD offers a lot of different types of passes for our passengers, sometimes in partnership with other entities. They include:

DASH Pass for Seniors
Senior Citizens (persons 65+ years of age) may obtain a DASH Pass by providing proof of age. Please contact MTD at 217.384.8188 for more info.

DASH Pass for Riders with Disabilities
Medicare Card holders and persons having significant difficulty getting on or off an MTD vehicle may qualify for a DASH Pass as a rider with a disability. Applications for DASH Cards must be submitted at Illinois Terminal, and must include a copy of a Medicare Card or certification from an MTD authorized agency. Please contact ADA Customer Service at 217.384.8188 for a list of authorized agencies.

MTD's Veteran Pass
Veterans ride MTD fare-free by applying for MTD's Veteran Pass. Veterans must present a State of Illinois driver’s license or ID with a Veteran designation, a VA Card, a Military ID, or a DD214 accompanied by a photo ID. Call MTD at 217.384.8188 to learn more.

Unit 4 or District 116 School Trips
MTD is the transportation provider for many students to Champaign and Urbana middle & high schools. Unit 4 and District 116 provide eligible students with a school I.D. that doubles as an MTD bus (thanks to an added sticker). These passes allow students to ride fare-free to and from school only. Contact your school administration for more information on bus passes & plan your school trips here.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign i-card
Students, faculty, and staff are provided an i-card by the University that they can use to ride MTD fare-free. Contact Illinois' i-card office to find out how to receive an i-card or how to replace yours before the February 1, 2019 deadline.

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