I think I left my phone/sweater/tuba on the bus. Help!

Don't worry, this happens all the time. We'll be happy to search for your lost item. MTD maintains a Lost and Found Service for just this reason. Lost Item Reports are completed for items lost in the same service day. Please call MTD’s Administration and Operations Facility at 217.384.8188 to file a report. Please be prepared to give detailed trip information such as route, direction, bus stops, and travel times.

If more than a day has passed, customers are advised to contact MTD’s Illinois Terminal. All lost items are logged and stored at the Customer Service Center for two weeks. You may call the Illinois Terminal Customer Service Center at 217.384.3577 or visit in person to inquire. Items are taken to Illinois Terminal throughout the day, but a significant amount of items are taken in the morning. Passengers are advised to call after 9:00 a.m. to inquire about individual items. Lost items must be identified and picked up within two weeks. MTD is not responsible for items left on buses, in shelters, or on any MTD property.

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