Who We Are

MTD’s Mission Statement

Leading the way to greater mobility.

This very simple statement really says a lot. MTD will lead the way, not passively follow. We recognize and embrace the never-ending need for greater mobility. We are eager community partners on projects and enjoy sharing our expertise and resources toward initiatives that benefit the whole and keep our community moving forward. 

MTD’s Vision Statement

MTD goes beyond traditional boundaries to promote excellence in transportation.

A vision statement is a wish, backed up with dedication. Ours is an effort to take our focus beyond the day-to-day and toward excellence in all our efforts. MTD will fervently and actively advocate for community mobility efforts and will both lead and partner to achieve the best possible outcomes.

MTD’s Core Values

Core Values help describe the culture of the organization, those at the very heart of our organization.

  • Commit to ‘Yes’
  • Provide outstanding customer/public service
  • Develop long-term positive relationships
  • Embrace opportunity and innovation

MTD’s 2014 Strategic Plan Goals

  • MTD will deliver high quality traditional and innovative transportation services that are safe, reliable, environmentally responsible, and user friendly.
  • MTD will encourage use of a variety of transportation means, including transit, biking, and walking to promote mobility in our community.
  • MTD will ensure fiscal responsibility, leverage existing funds and investments, and proactively seek new funding to support current and future mobility needs.
  • MTD will explore and adopt new and innovative technologies that improve service delivery to anticipate, meet, and exceed community expectations.
  • MTD will develop strategies to ensure transparent, clear, and consistent communication with external partners and within the organization.
  • MTD will provide high quality career opportunities and continue our commitment to efficient, fair, and ethical business practices.
  • MTD will develop public-private partnerships to create living/working/ public space environments through mobility enhanced development that supports local government and University growth objectives.