MTD Honored as Most Innovative by Federal Transit Administration

On Friday April 22, Earth Day 2022, the Federal Transit Administration recognized the exemplary efforts of 10 transit agencies across the United States to combat climate change through the Sustainable Transit for a Healthy Planet initiative. FTA presented awards to celebrate agencies that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions with unique strategies that work for their systems and their communities.

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District was honored with the award for “most innovative.”

“MTD demonstrated creative solutions to implement its climate-action strategy, including generating hydrogen for its hydrogen fuel-cell buses from its own solar panels,” the federal agency said in announcing the winners.

“By helping people efficiently and affordably get where they need to go, public transit plays a key role in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said. “We’re delighted to honor these 10 public transit agencies leading the charge to protect our communities against climate change.”

On Earth Day, FTA and the Federal Highway Administration also launched a joint Flexible Funding website to encourage communities to use flex funding for projects that promote safer routes to transit. This support for bicycle lanes, better pedestrian walkways, trails, lighting, and other projects enhances safety and access to transit stations and bus stops, reducing vehicle trips and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.