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MTD Announces Prospective Day-to-Day Service Cuts due to Operator Shortage | August 17, 2021

MTD News

August, 17 (Updated: August, 27)

MTD would like the public to be prepared for the possibility of day-to-day service cuts this fall due to a shortage of qualified Operators. These trip cancellations will result in decreased frequency on the affected routes.

Structural Issue on Washington St. Bridge between Scottswood & MacArthur Causes Reroutes | August 5

MTD News

August, 6 (Updated: August, 9)

Due to new weight limit restrictions preventing buses from traveling on Washington between Scottswood and MacArthur, MTD’s 5E/W Green and 70 E/W Grey Evening, Saturday, and Sunday routes will be rerouted beginning Thursday evening, August 5. The length of these reroutes is unknown.

MTD Resumes Fare Enforcement, Front Door Boarding | AUGUST 15, 2021

MTD News

June, 30 (Updated: August, 16)

MTD will resume fare enforcement with the start of MTD’s new Service Year on Sunday, August 15. Beginning Thursday, July 15, passengers are invited to resume front door boarding. Front door boarding will be required when fare enforcement resumes in August.

Virtual Public Hearing for FY2022 Tentative Budget & Appropriation Ordinance Held June 30, 2021

MTD News

May, 21 (Updated: July, 6)

The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District Board of Trustees held a Virtual Public Hearing on a Tentative Budget & Appropriation Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2022 on June 30, 2021 at 3:00PM.

Canadian National & Market St. Bridge Reconstruction Impacts 22 Illini Route | March 15, 2021

MTD News

March, 9 (Updated: May, 21)

Riders of MTD’s 22 Illini route will be impacted by the closure of Oak St. between Anthony Dr. and Kenyon Rd. beginning Monday, March 15, 2021. MTD’s 22 Illini will only travel as far north as Killarney St., and bus stops north of I-74 will not be served.

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