New Northeast Connect Van Service Proposed for Northeast Urbana

Allison Haines

In order to provide a more robust and consistent service to residents of Northeast Urbana, MTD is excited to announce the proposal of a new, on-demand van service, Northeast Connect. This new Weekday Daytime van service would replace MTD’s current Weekday Daytime 11 Ruby fixed route service, and allow us to enhance our current 10 Gold service in this area.

As proposed, this van service will allow riders within a defined Northeast Urbana service boundary to use the MTD Connect app to request a trip to a point within the Northeast Connect service boundary, or to the Lincoln Square transfer point, where riders can connect with a robust selection of MTD fixed-route service.

The new Northeast Connect service will improve service to areas currently served by the Weekday Daytime 11 Ruby by providing service throughout the day, generally between the 6AM hour and the 7PM hour, rather than only between the peak hours of 7AM and 9AM, and 4PM and 7PM. Another notable benefit to the proposed Northeast Connect service is that 10 Gold service will be optimized to operate along a single route consistently throughout the service day. This will have a positive impact on on-time performance, and removes current confusion surrounding differing routing during Morning, Midday, and Afternoon service.

Northeast Connect will provide riders with curb-to-curb service to points within the Northeast Connect service boundary, or to the Lincoln Square transfer point, for a $1 fare for each one-way trip. The Northeast Connect service will be available during weekday daytime hours, generally between the 6AM hour and the 7PM hour. MTD plans to launch this new service with the start of the 2024-2025 service year (Fall 2024). Once the service launches, passengers book a ride by downloading and using the MTD Connect app for free, or by calling 217.384.8188 to book a trip over the phone.

The Northeast Connect service area, as proposed, includes the neighborhoods of Liberty Commons, Ivanhoe Estates, Powell’s, Wood’s Edge, and Northwood Estates. The service area is generally bound by Airport Rd. to the north, Highcross Rd. to the east, Perkins Rd. to the south, and the Wood’s Edge neighborhood and GH Baker Dr. to the west, as shown in the map below.

Northeast Connect will operate as an express route to Lincoln Square south of Country Club/Perkins Rd. Northeast Connect will not board or alight passengers outside of the Northeast Connect boundary except at the Lincoln Square location.

MTD will be available in person to talk about this new service proposal and answer questions at the following locations in Northeast Urbana during the week of February 18:

  • Monday, February 19 – Liberty Commons Community Room, 4PM – 7PM
  • Tuesday, February 20 – Northwood Estates Community Playground, 11AM – 1PM
  • Thursday, February 22 – Blain’s Farm & Fleet, Store Lobby, 4PM – 6PM
  • Friday, February 23 – Ivanhoe Estates Community Playground, 10AM – 12PM
Proposed Northeast Connect Service Boundary
Proposed Northeast Connect Service Boundary